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I used to think that marriage would be the end of my freedom..

October 9, 2023


Not knowing it was my fear of commitment and compulsive lust for novelty which I was truly enslaved to..

I used to think that marriage meant I’d lose myself..

Unaware that the “self” I would lose was merely dead weight: the old skin of immaturity and boyishness

I used to think that commitment was equal to entrapment and closing all doors..

Turns out that the depth of exploring one single door makes for a far richer, full life.

I used to think I’d have to find the perfect partner in order to be ready for marriage..

Turns out perfection was the veil I used to hide my fear of vulnerability, being seen in my flaws and embracing another’s.

I used to think that the goal of marriage was to be happy..

Turns out happiness is a petty little experience we attach to when meaning is absent and there’s a greater goal than happiness: Growth.

I used to think that love & attraction die after the first couple of years of commitment..

Turns out that when we do the work, the depth of love and richness of desire actually grow in steady ways..

I used to think that marriage would impair my career growth..

Turns out women, when truly cared for, are multipliers and oracles of prosperity.

I once thought that marriage would distract me from my spiritual path..

I now know that marriage -when held as sacred- is one of the fastest bridges into sacred union.

Through the fires of devotion we merge,

losing all we once thought we were

making room for nothing,

but truth & beauty

to emerge.

I once thought marriage would be the end..

Now I see it’s merely the beginning.

A path of initiation to those willing to stand its storms

A journey of liberation to those ready to face it all.

I once thought life would be better on my own,

Now I see..

There’s nothing greater than love.