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I spent a lot of years doubting myself, my ability to serve and the value I had to offer.. and for a good reason.


I’d tell myself I was confused.. I wasn’t ready.. I was waiting for more divine clarity to descend upon me.. for my talents to bloom fully.. for the market to be ready..

I would tell myself I needed one more plant medicine ceremony, another business mentor, abundance coach or accountability course before I was fully FULLY ready..

But in truth -as I reflect- I see that what held me back was my lack of integrity.

I spoke of love and harmony while my relationships were full of bitterness, sarcasm and disconnection..

I spoke of abundance and trusting the universe but kept clinging to a job that made me great money but eroded my soul in the process..

I wrote about the masculine and the feminine but kept lying, didn’t keep my word, abused my body and ignored my heart..

What I “knew” and how I spoke was not how I lived.

That’s what held me back..

My mind had moved further ahead than my embodied reality and I unconsciously knew that to teach from that place was nothing but a farce..

To attempt to guide others to a peaceful, loving life when my own was riddled with turmoil, compulsion and confusion was nothing short of fraud..

So I procrastinated over a thousand different excuses, until I faced the truth.

These last years have been a process of that:

becoming humble enough to admit where I’m falling short of whom I could be, and responsible enough to understand it’s my job to diligently take care of it.

And in recent months I’ve finally come to a point where I feel in total integrity.

I have walked more than I now talk.

I have not lied in a long time.

I respect others, myself and life.

And the hardest..

I am now the same in groups as I am when nobody is watching.

I have finally made my bed and organized my house.

Relationships with everyone around me are in a beautiful, thriving state.

It was a rough journey but well worth it for I see that life (and people) gravitate towards my message more and more..

Without selling, convincing or forcing.

For truth is a light that needs no explanation.

And love, its greatest expression🙏🏼❤️

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

I look forward to sharing with you!