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Here’s the only decision men should make when it comes to women and their choices:

September 6, 2023


Keeping their own mouths shut‼️

I’ve met guys for whom their partner wearing knee-length shorts, during a scorching hot Toronto summer, was a scandalous sign of disrespect and an offence..

I’ve also met others that would have their partner walk around naked if they could.. and proceed to shame and treat them poorly if they chose to dress “too conservatively”.

Men who decide whom their partner can and cannot talk to..

And some other too eager to pass their wife around at a swingers party..

One prides himself as proper, the other as open minded, yet both are on the same boat:

They look down to women.

They dehumanize them and objectify them so that they become tools to be used for validation and to keep their fragile egos safe..

In essence, their insecurity and utter sense of powerlessness is covered up by coercing and controlling their environment (and those around them).

Pay attention at how much a guy tries to control and micromanage his partner and you’ll see the degree of his insecurity and immaturity.

Men protect women..

Boys control.

Men ensure women feel safe and therefore free..

Boys are threatened by a woman’s freedom.

Men respect women and honour their choices..

Boys impose and fear a woman choosing by herself.

Choosing herself.

Women, your life, freedom and choices are not up for negotiation ✊🏽🔥

Mother nature does not ask for permission.

She blooms of her own accord..

On her own terms..

By her own grace.

And so should you!