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August 15, 2023


It is those who are closest to us the ones who end up picking up the slack for all the things we have yet to resolve from our childhood.

All the inherited nonsense, pain and closure that our parents (or their absence) unconsciously planted within us.

There’s a lot to be said about challenge, pain and suffering being incredible catalysts for growth and transformation, but if pain is the only way you can move forward you’re no better than a mule.

To reach rock bottom and a place of desperation is only necessary when inspiration and intelligence are missing.

‘The Family’ which was once supposed to be a place of nourishment, support and healthy guidance has largely turned into a space of trauma, judgement and turmoil.

Thousands of people I’ve spoken with, regardless of their entrepreneurial successes and brilliant attitude, were dented in some profound ways by the careless manner in which their parents navigated the family.

They may have moved on, forgotten and forgiven…

But the fact remains:

A human spends most of his/her adult life unpacking all the things that went wrong in their earlier years.

And there are some others who choose not to go into those memories and experiences and wonder why they’re chronically ill, depressed, anxious and void of life.

You either deal with it, or become consumed by it.

I share this not to place blame, responsibility or judgement on our parents.

What’s done is done!

But it’s important to recognize that a lot of the nonsense that we see in the world stems from unresolved trauma and the way in which people have attempted to cope with it.

Just look at your friend circles, employees and clients – and all the unnecessary friction over trivial triggers..

To the politicians that run our nations, so wounded in their self worth that they try to mask the underlying powerlessness -that’s latent in their fragile, little hearts- with oppressive forms of power.

Society is ridden with toxicity..

And toxicity stems from unaddressed pain..

Most pain gets stuck in our system from trauma..

And most trauma comes from Mom & Dad.

That’s a fact.

And although a lot of people have had the courage and wisdom to rise above their past – the sad reality is that for most, it’s a big struggle.

Their relationships are tainted by all the blind spots they have yet to address.

So what to do?

I believe that the most urgent, needed and important work to do right now entails reclaiming the sanctity and sacredness of the family nucleus.

And a family starts with The Couple.

If two people manage to relate with themselves, and then with each other, in a sacred manner..

Then that family will be one of nourishment, inspiration and support.

A literal power-house.

And future generations will be empowered, not crippled, by their families.

With that being said, to reach a point of harmony with another human being, no matter how much love is there, takes mastery, dedication, guidance and clarity.

So it is because of this that I have decided to focus intensively, for the coming years, on supporting those who refuse to have mediocre relationships.

To guide and assist every man and woman who is ready to step into the full depth that a sacred, romantic relationship requires.

Because Family has been the breaking point for generations..

And it’s about time that we step in and step up!!

So that it becomes a solid place of departure,

and never -ever- again,

one of fracture.


Who is with me!? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️