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Every time you are in a relationship with someone who is not “good enough” for you, in some way, YOU are benefiting from that.

October 18, 2023


Quick examples:

Women afraid of intimacy and vulnerability often date non-committal and low-investment guys because it’s easier to keep love at bay because of another’s “obvious shortcomings and emotional unavailability” than it is to acknowledge it’s safer to date guys who won’t go deep, when you yourself are scared to go deep.

Men who keep jumping from woman to woman because “they’re not marriage material” benefit from deluding themselves into thinking that if they found a better woman they would commit..

Instead of owning the fact they fear depth, lack devotion and don’t live in the integrity necessary for a Great woman to choose them as their life partner.

In relationships, it is always easier to go for breadcrumbs and complain about them not being enough of a meal than to accept it is YOU who doesn’t want to take responsibility for cooking what you desire..

So everyone ends up drowning in their fast food version of intimacy.

Crude? perhaps.

But true.