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Every dysfunction you experience in relationships is rooted within you.

July 11, 2023


The sooner you understand this, the faster you’ll grow past them.

The first step is to look at the play of energies outside of you and recognize how they are within you.

(This is the very same process of Yoga: Achieving the union from that which is within and without)

Here’s 2 examples:

☀️Years ago I’d get frustrated with my girlfriend at the time because she wouldn’t handle her emotions well.

She would gravitate from numb to explosive, loving to livid, sweet to spiteful.

I kept trying to have her read books, take courses or lecture her about emotional responsibility…

Without noticing that my inner feminine (emotional fluidity) was ALSO on and off.

I was seeing it in her but had failed to see that I was also oscillating between numbness and addiction, overworking and overindulging, involved and dismissive.

The moment I healed that, it stopped showing up outside.

☀️ Another example was how another woman used to always be late and sabotage a lot of the structure I was aiming to create within the relationship..

Almost as if there was an unconscious vandalizing nature within her..

It was after a conversation that she started to recognize that her lack of follow through on her projects, lack of trust and safety within herself, and lack of boundaries stemmed from inside.

She realized that she held strong grudges against her father because he had been violent when she was growing up, therefore within her the masculine was feared, resented and avoided.

Meaning that her capacity for focus, stability, discipline and structure (whether coming from inside or outside) would be faced with resistance.

So timing, accountability and commitments (any sort of structure) was rejected and unconsciously destroyed.

She then did some work on this and the day she forgave her father, her relationships started to FULLY change.

And not only with me, but with her own projects and boundaries.

Yoga in essence teaches us that the world is a reflection of that which is within us..

A very intelligent, fluid soup of energy where every action has a reaction, where everything that happens inside of us fractals out into cosmic expression..

Global warming reflecting the vast inflammation and acidity present in most people’s body..

Air pollution an analogy to mental pollution, anxiety and stress..

Wars, a reflection of the inner violence and absent compassion present within most..

Politicians, an accurate depiction of those in power being driven by basic compulsions and lacking integrity and honour.. which is most people’s minds..

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

Yoga is recognizing that to some degree we are cocreating the reality we live in, and therefore deciding to be responsible for it..

Never again pointing fingers outside of us.