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As you grow, you will lose many friends.

August 14, 2023


And if you grow enough,


If you change, you cannot expect for the world around you to remain the same.

The people, places and habits that used to please the old you, become the sticking points and anchors that do not allow the new you to fly and soar high.

And this is not about judgement, or you thinking that you’re better that someone else just because you grew.

Is the child that outgrows his shoes better than his shoes?


Are the shoes bad and should be judged, shamed and blamed?


His feet just grew and for him to keep wearing them would’ve meant that both his feet and the shoes would have ended up damaged.

One because it’s being contained,

The other because it’s being forced to expand.

Both would end up resenting the interaction.

They served a purpose and their time is up.

So in life it’s important that you recognize when situations, relationships and ways of being have reached their expire date.

It’s okay to be alone as you transition..

It’s okay to walk barefoot for a while..

What is NOT okay is to shrink your truth just because it makes those around you uncomfortable.

So never again play down your joy

quiet your laughter

suffocate your fire

or tame your power.

Never again hold back from celebrating your wins

whether in finances

in love

or in life,

and if you lose people along the way, it means that your shameless expression is working as a powerful tool, to filter out all that’s no longer aligned.

As you grow you will lose many friends, yes..

But you will find yourself!

And that, my friend, is worth giving it all up for.