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As I get older I realize that a man is not him who is swimming in women, wealth or recognition.


For these things fade and are rarely worth anything in the stillness that comes during nights of solitude.

Lots can be accomplished in life yet none of it can be fully received, enjoyed and felt if inner peace is lacking.

In fact, a man who has yet to find himself will find ways to destruct everything he’s created under the wrong assumption that there’s something else to get externally.

He will project his inner torment outwards and run himself (his businesses, health and relationships) into a wall.

Until he stops chasing his own tail and sits down to face what lies deep in his core.

What makes a man then?

A man is him who walks with integrity.

Thought, word and deed aligned.

Needing to hide (Or prove) nothing from/to himself (and therefore the world)

Free from external narratives, cultural expectations and societal conditioning he acts in alignment with his truth.

Which is him expressing his unique flavour of Truth.

Then (and only then) everything he builds will prosper in abundance – and not a chaotic, anxious abundance that needs constant managing, forcing and imposing.

But an abundance that resembles the natural flow and blooming of all that is natural:

Strong yet gentle.

Never rushing & never stopping.

Always expanding.

a Man is him who, having owned all that he is, knows he owns the world – and therefore, takes great care of it.