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A man’s growth starts the moment he decides to start cutting his metaphorical umbilical cord.

September 3, 2023


Which means he stops TAKING resources from the feminine

And he becomes his own self-resourced person.

He faces what it means to fend for himself

Which means that he is then confronted with all the ways in which he falls short.

All the ways in which his mind, emotions, energy and finances are out of line.

When there’s no mommy to feed him, no girlfriend to take care of him, no women to release his tension with…

The only way out is from within.

Coming to a place of stillness and razor-sharp focus.

Arriving to a point of clear consciousness where he understands that he is not here to be coddled by the feminine.

He is not here to be bossed around by it either.

He is here as a force of nature.

As the source of nature itself.

And as such, it is his responsibility to NOT only get his own life in order but ensure that his cup overflows.

Not because he has to, but because it’s bound to once he is aligned with his truth:

In harmony with his timeless song.

A song of consciousness, direction, protection, provision, leadership and loving service.

A song of depth, power and heart.

But for him to experience this the safety nets must be removed.

The feminine has to let him go.

Mom has to tell him it’s time to move out.

Girlfriend has to stop trying to sort his sh!t out for him.

Partner needs to stop tolerating and condoning his boyish behaviour.

Not because they don’t love him, but because they TRULY do.

The most loving thing a woman can do -sometimes- is to finally cut the cord with a man.

Giving him the gift of sorting himself out of his own accord.

But one thing is certain:

The energetic breastfeeding needs to stop.

So that his hunger fuels the fire for his transformation.

So that he realizes that he’s not here to merely take.

Or to become an additional dead-weight to the society and his community.

There’s plenty of men-child like this.

Perpetual teenagers constantly sucking the life out of life.

Drying out the feminine in all of its forms (women, nature, beauty.)

Vandalizing, using, degrading, abusing and destroying.

It’s important that if you are a guy who still leans heavily on women, you sort yourself out.

For a woman can make a boy out of a baby..

But never a man out of a boy.

That is Men’s work.


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