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A man who doesn’t know who he is or what he wants is bound to lose A LOT of money, destroy his health and anxiously suffer as his relationships inevitably deteriorate (starting with the one with himself.)

June 29, 2023


He will lose money because of the missed opportunities, unexplored talents and procrastinated action that he feels called to do, as well as occupying his time doing work that may pay “well” but doesn’t fulfil him in his heart…

(and oddly enough, most men who are paid well because they excel at doing something they barely tolerate, fear whether or not they’ll be able to earn the same amount or more doing something THEY LOVE.)

These two assuming he’s not married – because when a “man” doesn’t know who he is, he will find himself in the wrong romantic partnership and discover it was misaligned a little too late…

And nothing costs more health, peace of mind and dollars to a man than choosing poorly when it comes to marriage and facing the fees, the stress and the apathy and family disconnection that divorce fosters.

He will destroy his health because when he doesn’t know who he is or what he wants he turns others’ desires and wants into his source of meaning.

Being a people pleaser / doormat-guy means that he suppresses what is important to him (because, he may not even know what is important to him) in order to be there for others (at work, family and friendships)..

This inevitably leads to a suppression of his immune system, development of auto-immune diseases, chronic ailments and cancer/tumour tissues (which in essence, are parts of the body that have forgotten what they are and therefore act in disharmony with the rest of the system)

For a man that doesn’t know who he is, the countdown is on.

It is not a question of whether he will become sick but WHEN and HOW BAD he WILL.

Which isn’t a bad thing for his illness will teach him about life every single thing he has refused learning elsewhere..

However suffering is life’s last-resort tool to teach someone who has procrastinated using all the other softer, readily available and smarter tools.

And his relationships will deteriorate because he will find himself confused and often feeling taken for granted, taken advantage of or just plainly disinterested / lonely regardless of the company.

He will connect with women and friends for company – not out of alignment – which breeds relationships of codependency, social niceness yet distant at the soul level..

And eventually, no woman respects a man who’s not clear about Himself.

Because she sees that he doesn’t respect who he is, if he did he would’ve taken the time to figure out what’s important for him.

So, brother, finding out who you are is NOT some hippy, new-agey concept in order to be love & light and live happily ever after..

It is the most down to earth thing you can do if you want to make more money (and feel at peace by how you do it), have better sex and relationships (with women who actually touch the deepest core of your heart) and ensure that your health (mental and emotional) are optimal so you can actually ENJOY the fruits of your hard work.

Knowing WHO YOU ARE is the foundation upon which you build the rest of your life.

If this is not present, WHATEVER you are building WILL crumble.

Mark my words.

For you cannot build a diamond castle on a terrain of sand.

And to do anything that is not discovering the rock-solid foundation of who you TRULY are (beyond all the societal and familiar conditioning) is a disservice to your life.

And a slow-death-sentence, for suffering is assured once you postpone understanding what’s at the core of your essence.

So, if you haven’t – DO something about it,.

The clock is ticking.