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A conscious woman WILL NOT entertain mediocre romances.

October 13, 2023


She has outgrown the little girl that needed external attention and validation to feel worthy and as such, she no longer has any need for low-quality interactions.

She has found the greatest source of love, empowerment and excitement within herself so she’s no longer eager to outsource her capacity to feel loved to whoever comes along.


She’s not a damsel in distress nor a sleeping beauty waiting to be rescued.

She has woken up, taken her life in her own hands and sculpted a piece of art with it.

Her cup is full (often overflowing) her smile is big and her heart is ready.

Not ready to be completed with the ridiculous idea of “her other half” for she knows she’s a complete being by herself..


Ready, to no longer chase love, happiness and romance and instead make her life and relationships an expression of her inner-joy and bliss.

Her beauty is no longer that of a specific measurement on the scale, a certain angle of her curves or provocativeness of her dresses.

Her beauty is that of a woman who’s walked through hell and came out. The burning radiance of a woman who’s learned to love all of herself, to release shame and to open her heart to life.

A radiant woman with no time to waste with little boys who can’t see her past her legs.

For her value is not in her attractiveness, and her attractiveness is not rooted in attention-seeking sexuality, base desires nor she ever considers to her temple (body) as bait.

And remember this:

A conscious woman DOES NOT entertain mediocre romances because she’s in a love story with herself.

Your presence must be so great and her whole body, mind and spirit must be a FULL YES to you before she’s willing to open the doors of her world and invite you in..

And her patience is greater than her desire, so you won’t catch her standards slipping.

She’s done playing games!

She’s done nurturing fairy tales with Peter Pan boys who never want to grow up.

She’s done seeking outside what she now knows lays deep within her heart:

The source of the greatest love story possible.

So if you’re a Man, and you want to date a conscious woman, first ask yourself:

Is my life in order?

What’s the value I can provide?

How deeply am I willing to commit?

And am I ready to FULLY feel my heart?

For conscious love is the fire that will transform all that you are..

And make of a tiny flame a shining, burning star.


And if you are a woman and mediocre love is all that knocks at your doorstep, ask yourself:

Is my own life in order?

Do I feel lonely in my aloneness?

& How deeply do I cherish all that I am?

The truth is that -unless you’ve done the work- the attention you receive and the quality of that attention will be an uncomfortable mirror to look at.

Yet in your heart lies the power to transform all of that.


-with love,

Nico Canon.