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A boy always asks himself “What’s in it for me?”

August 21, 2023


A Man states: I’m in it, for THEM, for US.

A boy is driven by compulsions and desires.

A Man is driven by virtues and values.

A boy lies to get what he wants,

A Man defends TRUTH, even at the cost of losing it all.

A boy avoids commitments and responsibilities to feel “Free”

A Man finds FREEDOM through commitment and being responsible.

A boy cares about what others think of him

A Man deeply cares about others.

A boy is constantly trying to fill an empty void within themselves (through sex, substances and success)

A Man has an overflowing cup and is constantly seeking to be of service

A boy sees any feedback as criticism, due to his fragile ego.

A Man does not derive his self-worth from what anyone thinks about him – therefore he’s open to growth and listening to others.

A boy gets into a relationship from a space of wanting to get and receive

A Man gets into it from a place of sharing and co-creating.

A boy has a life that has become dull due to excess porn, alcohol, weed, casual sex, videogames, Netflix and social media..

A Man leads a life full of meaning, aligned work, conscious hobbies and constant learning.

A boy feels the world owes him

A Man own his world.

A boy read this post and got triggered,

A Man nodded in recognition.


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