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3 Unspoken, Juicy Benefits of being a married man

November 9, 2023


Since the “player / bachelor” lifestyle is all that society and the entertainment and music industry shoves down our throat..⁠

⁠I figured I’d share a few of my favourite parts of being married.⁠

⁠(Take this from someone who spent close to a decade in what most guys would consider the uninhibited peaks of the bachelor life.)⁠

⁠1- Every single area of my life is now thriving.⁠

I did not realize how much of my time and resources were going to dating, meeting women and running inside of that hamster-wheel.⁠

⁠These last years as a committed man I’ve done what I did not do in over a decade being single.⁠

⁠Launched a best selling book, started two businesses, invested in meaningful projects, lost 30+ pounds, quit drinking, reconnected to my family and God, changed my whole social circle, learned to play guitar, flute and sing.. ⁠

⁠And so much more.⁠

⁠2- I feel so much more FREEDOM.⁠

I thought I’d feel caged by “being with only one woman.”⁠

⁠I now see that I am free from an erratic mind, free from the chase, free from the ADHD, free from the mess that dating can be..⁠

⁠I am free from distractions and committed to one woman.⁠

⁠With her, I feel free to be fully myself.⁠

⁠I do not have to tippy toe out of fear of being vulnerable or things moving too fast too quickly. ⁠

⁠We’re in it for life and that’s a very freeing frame from which to relate.⁠

⁠3- I have healed so much.⁠

I used to do a lot of courses, retreats and drink Ayahuasca..⁠

⁠All of that helped but nothing comes close to the kind of work that a committed relationship will invite you into.⁠

⁠I’ve touched very tender parts of my heart that I had hidden⁠

⁠I’ve been held in my shame and pain..⁠

⁠I’ve seen the unprocessed darkness that still lived within me..⁠

⁠And I’ve had a friend with whom I can venture into the dark forests of healing.⁠

⁠Swimming at the surface you will never find the treasures that the depth of the ocean has in store for you.⁠

⁠It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that..⁠

⁠But it’s so damn worth it!