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🥉Ruin your life in 3 simple steps

November 18, 2023


1- Ignore the small signs..⁠

2- Tell yourself it’ll get better while you do NOTHING about it..⁠

3- Decide to pay attention a little too late.⁠

And let me tell you something:⁠
There’s NOTHING worse than too late.⁠

Not in business, not in love and definitely not in life.⁠

The good news is that if you’re paying attention..⁠
And you care..⁠
And you do something about it..⁠

Small changes create momentum,⁠
Compounded leverage,⁠
and vast returns.⁠

Or in simpler words:⁠
The earlier you place your 💩 where it belongs..⁠
The earlier flowers will bloom in your garden.⁠

👊 🔥 ⁠
PS: Practical tip – Go and have that ONE conversation with that ONE person you know you’ve been delaying about that ONE thing that your gut is telling you for a while now.⁠

You’ll be glad you did.⁠