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With your help we raised $1,171 that will go towards Canada’s center for addiction and mental health!

Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraiser.

Beyond the money, I’m grateful for what this represents:

The desire to be generous towards those in need and to extend a helping hand when we can, with what we can.

Without your help and support none of this would be possible. 


For those still interested in contributing: 



With your help, we raised around $1000 for the Santa Cruz Foundation.

Upon calling Anita (the lady who takes care of the Kids) she expressed that what they needed most at the moment was food.

The kids had just began school and they could use snacks as well as proper meals to be able to function optimally.

I went with my family to do groceries and buy plenty of snacks, as well as fruits, vegetables, and several kilos of meat (they usually don’t get to eat much protein since it’s expensive).

 I feel blessed and fortunate to be able to help, and to have the support of all of you who contributed!

 Thanks to you, kids who usually eat very basic low budget meals, have now couple of fridges full of delicious goodies 😊and get to eat proper, nutritional meals as well as bring snacks to school.

To most of us, a nutritious meal is just an option. To these kids, it is a privilege and luxury.

 So THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart, for helping to contribute to their ability to feel good and abundant and to enjoy proper food.

 Life has been hard enough for them already, but today, we made a difference.

 We showed them not every adult is evil.

 We showed them there’s strangers who care. People across the globe willing to put their money towards helping kids they may never meet.





Sensual Art Exhibition at Studio67

Have you noticed that when people fight on the streets
everyone is kick to pull out their phones?
Fights go viral!
Violence is celebrated.

Yet when we see a loving couple passionately kissing
most people’s reaction is one of disgust
Some people even point, blame and shame
“Get a room!” they yell.

If in today’s society violence is applauded
and expressions of love are shamed
Are you able to see what’s wrong with this?

In this art exhibition I explored sensual art as an opportunity
to celebrate love, passion and sensuality


Read my interview and all about this Showcase  – CLICK HERE –



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