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1 On 1 Coaching

With Nicolas Canon



& Connection

Feel like no matter how much you achieve, love, freedom and fulfillment
 always feel elusive?

Whether it is within relationships – never quite satisfied with your partner and always seeking ‘greener grasses’, frustrated at not being able to find someone ‘aligned’.

Or at work – crushing achievement after achievement – to be left with a sense of temporary joy and a void for MORE. Yet that ‘more’ is never quite enough

You are someone who is already kicking ass in life, yet cannot seem to find love (with others and within) no matter how much you chase it

Connection and fulfillment are our default state

It is our minds, past experiences, traumas and belief systems that keep us stuck in a cycle of “not enoughness” regardless of how good life may be.

Every kid you look at is living life fully present, excited and with a profound curiosity and love for life.

Therefore connection is not a ‘skill’ to develop, instead we will work on everything that is getting in-between you and your natural ability to connect and feel deeply.


What we try to control, controls us

Working with hundreds of people around the world I have found one thing in common: That which we are ashamed and afraid of tends to run our lives.

Whether it is shame around our sexuality, fear of intimacy and feeling ‘too much’ or perhaps deeper wounds that we have not healed.

Through our work we will shed light and let go of these subconscious programming patterns that may be keeping you numbed and distanced from the love that is ALREADY available to you right now.

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