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How to believe in yourself

March 28, 2021


I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me…” 

This is the most common regret men have on their deathbed (according to thousands of surveyed deaths). But that’s just the adorned version of the truth…

What they meant to say was:

I wish I had what it took, I wish I had ‘the balls‘, I wish I hadn’t been so scared, I wish I did it!

NOTHING burns deeper than the pain of regret, and no regret is bigger than that of a wasted life:

A mediocre, half-assed, fear-controlled life.

A could have, should have, but chickened-out and didn’t kind of life.

Working for someone else at a job that YOU KNOW is not aligned.

Robbing the world from sharing your voice, your gifts and your TRUE heart-called service.

Timidly approaching women and fearfully making love to them.

In essence: A limp fuck.


I don’t think so, just honest and cutting through the BS.

Life is waiting for you to bend it over and fill it in with all you’ve got.

Your woman and your purpose are waiting for the moment you’ll make up your mind and do so too.

And you can always choose to distract and postpone making a decision,

Going through another one of your okay-ish relationships, average sex, okay income, barely-tolerable career, smoking, playing videogames, scrolling through social media and just consuming entertainment.

But you know that underneath that, there’s a calling you have been ignoring, and it is starting to transition from a whisper into a full fledged scream.

A scream that another yoga practice, another workshop, another 6-weeks sprint or 90 days process will NOT silence.

A scream that demands that you let go of who you are right now, in many ways, and make room (and trust) for a bigger, truer version of yourself to come forth.

A death and rebirth of sorts.

Your untapped potential and core energies can either create or destroy, and every day that goes by you are either closer to birthing your purpose on this earth…

Or closer to destroying your body, relationships and peace of mind because of your pervasive hesitation

But one thing is certain:

The quickest way towards a renewed sense of self, confidence and to a FULL life transformation is NEW RESULTS. Different from your old.

You don’t need to believe in yourself when you KNOW yourself.

When you have – experientially – seen and explored what you are capable of. You can sit and read another book, join another group, attend another 3-days workshop…

But until you start taking care and moving forward in those areas that you’ve been ignoring, renunciating at the life you have now so you can take a leap of faith into the one that is calling you.

Until you do this,

you’re doomed to die full of regrets.

This is not pessimism, it’s being objective and truthful.

Most men postpone their dreams until they turn in death-bed regrets. A few others, take it into their own hands and realize that the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago. and the second best time is NOW.

So what will you choose?

Do you keep postponing living YOUR life until it is too late (knowing there’s nothing worse than ‘too late’?)

Or do you grab life by the hair, with a smirk and a plan

And unleash your creativity all over? In deep, conscious, loving service and leadership.

The choice is yours.