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When you flow, there’s no need to force

March 26, 2021


Most of the time a man feels stuck is NOT because he is incompetent.
In fact, it tends to be because he is confused and lacks clarity.

If you were driving around and suddenly your eyes were blindfolded, what’s the first thing you would do?

You’d push the brakes completely because anything else is either dangerous or could take you in the wrong direction.

Most men are labeled a lot of ugly names, made to feel shame if they embrace their masculine power, made to feel shame if they embrace their feminine one, judged if they’re single-minded go-getters just as much as if they are couch potatoes.

This has a lot of men feeling like there’s no place to go, and nowhere they can play a game where they can actually (and fully) win.

But let’s make this quick.

Brother, what you are lacking is not strength or capability.
What you may be lacking is clarity and commitment.

These two elements are what an aligned vision (purpose) provides you with.

When you have a vision that moves every cell in your heart, you can’t help but to move in that direction.

You know where you’re going and you can’t help to constantly move in that direction.

Like an apple tree that can’t help but to give you apples, once the time comes.

In fact, the vision (when aligned) comes with its own supply of energy – so there’s no need to hustle, will power through it or force yourself into unsustainable waves of fake discipline.

Procrastination is often the side-effect of an absent vision, because when you know where you’re going, you flow.

When you flow, there’s no need to force.

You allow for life to come towards you, instead of chasing your own tail endlessly.

Once you are clear on your vision, you realize – like the flower – that there’s a particular scent that is yours and yours only, and that you can’t help but share that fragrance with the world.

Now, the question remains – how to find (or how to embark consciously in) an ALIGNED and magnetic vision?

The age old “what’s my passion/purpose?” departure point.

I’ll leave you with that,

However, it is the most important question to tend to, otherwise you are doomed to either stay stuck…

or to drive with a blindfold on, which means that your life turns into a disaster waiting to happen.

Accidents, drama, pain and loss ensue.