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What most of you call discipline is nothing but self-tyranny

March 26, 2024


Forcing yourself to do things you arbitrarily decided you *should* do in order to reach self-imposed goals and milestones..

However, there’s only so much a person can get done out of sheer will power, because it WILL ALWAYS run out.

There’s a limit to the amount of pain, stress, friction and forceful action that a person can handle before they tap out and quit.

For most, the threshold is very low and they quit most of their projects and endeavours pretty early..

Mostly because their mind wants something, their heart another and their body something else

A smaller group manages to keep going for several years and reach some form of success but end up burning out and sacrificing a large part of themselves, their life and their relationships along the journey

In essence, discipline is taken as forceful, self-imposed leadership

Very often with the mind being the driver and all the needs, desires and longings of the heart are put on the backseat

A lot is accomplished but much more is lost

So what to do?

Well there’s a better way:

The Way of Devotion

Devotion comes from the latin ‘devovere’ which means to consecrate which in turn means ‘to make/deem something as Sacred’

Devotion means to surrender one’s life, energy and trust to the will of something higher, to a higher power.

It means to create from a place of harmony and flow with the essence of life instead of from our limited identity.

It means that mind, heart and body are aligned and connected towards the service of that higher thing..

It means to become vehicles for change, transformation, growth, healing and inspiration for others..

Not because you want to make money or look good

But because that is the energy of life flowing through you..

And when it does, it’s impossible to deplete your own.

When you are devoted to something, the way that you work, move, create, engage and serve is transformed

This is the space where genius happens.

The field where gifts are awakened and realized.

Where a person’s capabilities increase exponentially with little or no friction.

Because it is no longer just about what’s in it for you.