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Be a Voice, Not an Echo

August 22, 2018


In a world where every “adult” gets offended, every kid a participation medal, and every resentful, grudge-holding person a loud voice to speak their pathetic opinion, blaming the world for everything that happens to them…

Speak up!


Raise your voice, deepen your gaze. Say what you must! And let the dust settle where it may.

For your responsibility is not to others, but to truth.

Your commitment not to do what’s comfortable, but instead, what’s right.

In a society where the kids who never really grew up are now older, huddled in groups voicing their immature, victimized opinions, be a damn adult!

Demand responsibility! And lead by example.

Even – or perhaps especially – at the cost of their fragile hearts.

For how are they to grow up, if the adults that raised them never taught them right? And the adults that now know better, keep their voices low…

In a world where people are scared of the rain, be the storm!

For love means doing what’s best for someone, not what’s easy.

To cater to everyone’s sensitivities is to disrespect them.

It means to acknowledge the part of them that’s afraid, scared and powerless, as bigger than the part of them that’s capable, strong, unshakable and tenacious!

It means to relate to them as incapable. Instead of fully grown adults, able to handle life.

And there’s no bigger insult.

If we keep relating to people as their brokenness, we keep them prisoners of their own story.

Do what you must, but never allow yourself to look down at anyone.

Address them face to face, with the courage and strength you would address someone you respect. With the demands and expectations you’d have of someone you care for and admire.

And very soon, they’ll raise to that level.

Or dwell in their own misery.

But you will have done what was needed.

A bit rough, perhaps.

But lukewarm fires do not shape gold.