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The Universe Will Always Provide

September 12, 2018


The road to getting what we want often looks a lot different than we expected. And this is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes life’s most memorable gifts are wrapped in apparent wrong turns, seemingly bad luck and failed attempts. Sometimes not getting what we want right away is the best gift of all.

It is when we unwrap it down the road, when we look back, that we realize the beautifully orchestrated magic of the universe. It is only when we measure backwards that we see how far we’ve come. Blessings in disguise all around.

At Burning Man, we were headed to an acroyoga class with friends and got distracted checking out art installations.By the time we decided to go to the class we were already too late, so we decided to skip it and explore more art instead.

Upon stopping by these dinosaurs, we saw a couple doing acro right on the installation next to them. In the spirit of playfulness, having no clue what we were doing, we started lifting each other up and pretending to do some poses too. All jokes and giggles Midway through this, out of nowhere, a girl on her bike stops by and proceeds to give us feedback on what we were doing and how to do it better.Turns out she was an acroyoga instructor. So we ended up having impromptu, personalized acro lessons right on the spot, next to some cool art piece. 🙂

The playa provides, they say.

And I add: The universe will always provide if we’re open to it.