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Traveling: A metaphor for living

November 7, 2017



We are all tourists.

Some like the immersive, wild, spontaneous experience of backpacking, going with the flow, creating life as it happens.

Some like the comfort, security and safety of a well defined agenda. Everything planned and organized, hotels booked, schedules created, every time slot carefully calculated.

Some like it somewhere in the middle: part comfort part adventure.

Some don’t like to travel and prefer to stay home, where things are known and there are no outside risks. Where your bed is warm and the neighbours friendly.

Some people love Cuba.

Some people love Iceland.

There’s no right or wrong, just different people, seeking to explore and experience different things, at their own pace.

What a beautiful metaphor for life!

Who says backpacking through Thailand is better than a luxurious all-inclusive in Dubai?

Better or worse only depends on what we’re trying to accomplish.

If self-discovery, freedom and adventure are what we crave, Thailand is a better option.

If rest, slowing down, being pampered and out-sourcing any decision making and surrendering to comfort are what we need, the all-inclusive suddenly feels more aligned.

Same goes with people.

We’re all tourist souls on this earth, seeking to experience and explore different things, at different times.

So judging becomes obsolete the moment we make peace and respect everyone’s individual right to choose.

And life becomes more about meeting people who want to travel to the same location, with similar interests and dreams.

Instead of being frustrated and angry trying to change all those who have a different travel agenda in mind.

And who knows, perhaps at another point in our lives, our travel destinations will match with that person.

But if it doesn’t right now, there’s no need to judge or become bitter about it.

Let’s focus on our trip.

Let’s find our best suited travel companions.

And let’s enjoy the fucking hell out of it!

No time wasted trying to convince those who want to stay home, to go on an adventure

Or to force those gipsy, adventurer souls, on staying home.

Life and love.

What a wonderful trip!