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Today I sang to the skies, out of tune -perhaps- but full of love. ☀️


Playing, dancing, moving.
A little clumsy at times
But unwavering at heart.

Basking in the bliss produced
Not by notes well sang
Nor chords well struck
But by the love behind them.

A Love I arrived to
By learning to embrace
the mistakes I make
With a smile on my face.

myself for erring
For it’s human.
And others on their errors,
Since they too are.

Today I sang out of a balcony
As the birds danced
and played in the sky..
The golden sunset rays
seeping through the city line.

Harmony and chaos collided in one song
Wrapped and packaged
As a present.
THE present.

A reminder that bliss is what comes
When apprehension towards pain
Or addiction to chase joy

Knowing that when playing
an eternal game,
You can always start over.

But why not now?
Why not here?

Today I sang to the skies, out of tune and full of life.
For I got out of my own way, once again,
And remembered who,
And what
I truly am.