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To The Women in My Life

June 16, 2018


During my very first Ayahuasca ceremony I had a vision. 🔥

Time stopped. It started going backwards and I saw snapshots of my life, from the moment I was born up until now. I was shown the role that women had had in my life and told by this higher wisdom to never ever chase after feminine energy, for I had been blessed with abundance of it around me, from the day of birth.

Nurturing, supportive feminine energy in the shape of two sisters, a loving mom and grandmother under the same roof, plenty of female cousins and countless aunts. Loving feminine energy through timeless friendships and acquaintances. And of course, exciting, mysterious, fun and passionate feminine energy through lovers. I was shown how I had been raised, inspired, supported and healed by women through my journey. So today, I want to wish you, women, a happy international women’s day and I want to thank you!

It was through a woman that I came to this beautiful life experience. Through a few women that I grew up in a loving environment. Through some other that I was forced to grow up. Realizing that my failure to show up as a man, can have a devastating impact on those around me. And through women that I healed my heart. That all insecurities faded away.

Both the highest highs and lowest lows I have had, have been in connection with a woman. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For when I die, I’d be able to say I tasted it all. The whole range of experiences this world had to offer.

Thanks to you 🖤

It has been a mix of endless hugs, tears, joy, ecstatic bliss, mystery, fun, playful companionship, mischief and love at the same time.

So in a world that oppresses you and is often unfair to you, I urge you to never lose that feminine essence. That divine goddess. Boss babe. Whatever you call it! Within you! That energy that is both sublime and strong in substance. That is willing to love despite past wounds. That is full of grace. That can inspire the most lost of all men, to turn his life around.

For God is a woman, and the world is changing through you.👊🏼🔥

Thank you.

I love you.

And if I have ever let you down, I am sorry.

Enjoy YOUR day!