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This morning my wife was sad because one of our plants was wilting..

March 6, 2024


We were not watering it enough so its flowers and leafs started to dry.

We ended up having to remove all the dry ones so that the rest had a chance at surviving (by not wasting resources on what was beyond repair.)

Relationships are just like this..

When the love wilts, the first thing we must do is realize there’s probably a lot we need to let go of..

Dead parts we are carrying..

Dead pasts we are dragging to the present.

We often need to trim things down all the way to the very basics and reassess if the love that remains is enough for the possibility of a full-bloom to still be there..

Or whether to recognize, with compassion and dignity, that it’s time for the next season..

And that life is asking us to leave all dead weight behind.

Becoming clear on whether to stay or leave is one of the hardest choices a human will ever make..

With horrible consequences if they stay too long or leave too early..

However, sometimes we must Let go..

& let grow.