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They happen when we notice a part within us that we’re scared of feeling and therefore we:⁠

April 15, 2024


❌Will do our best to repress and suppress it⁠
❌Will find (unsustainable) ways of coping with it⁠

Most of the time we will gravitate from one end to the other – periods of disconnection and distraction followed by periods of over-stimulation.⁠

The numbness is a rejection of all sensation while the addiction is a re-orientation of it in a different direction.⁠

However, the part within you that aches to FEEL will always find expression..⁠

Now the question is:⁠
Is it a conscious or a compulsive one?⁠

But it MUST come out.⁠

The unhealed feminine refers to that part within a person who has not yet learned to navigate their emotional waters.⁠

The integrated feminine flows and surfs with the waves of emotion and sensation..⁠

The unhealed one drowns and struggles with it.⁠

So what to do?⁠

Here’s a couple of quick tips:⁠
🌷1- Recognize that being numb or addicted ARE NOT the issue (they are the solution you’re finding to a deeper pain)⁠

🌷2- Find ways in which you can safely recognize, understand and explore the pain that is underneath the compulsions⁠


🌷4- Once you have loved that part of you and heard what it had to say, you can ask him/her if it’s ready to move one⁠

🌷5- Lead yourself into a new environment, habits, situation and resolution⁠

Feel free to share so that more people can be reminded of how to navigate their emotional world in a healthy way.⁠