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The Alchemy of Life

November 7, 2017


Anger, despair, frustration, sadness, joy, excitement, lust, passion, rage, ecstasy are all just condensed energy being manifested in different ways. 

Every emotion we feel is an expression of our inner reality. It creates a bridge for us to explore and understand better who we are.

Every negative experience we have in life is there to provide us with a beautiful contrast, in the same way winter allows us to love summer that much more.

Pain is the only feeling that we cannot normalize.

We can become used to pleasure, to comfort, to luxury. It can become normalized if we have too much, too often.

However, pain can never be normalized.

No matter how much pain we go through, we will always feel it.

And this is a beautiful thing.

For pain forces us to be present, and presence breeds awareness. Awareness mindfulness, and mindfulness allows us to discover and see things that we did not see before.

To understand who we are, to see opportunities where we thought there were none.

To turn copper into gold, chaos into beauty.

To be alchemists of our lives.

The ultimate act of courage: turning pain into beauty.