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The 3 Stages of Spirituality


In life most of us move across these 3 stages:⠀
✔️Seeking things of value
✔️Seeking to embody values
✔️(Read until the end ;) )

In the first stage we chase money, looks, fame, validation and approval. 👠

People consumed by this stage are often seen worrying about what others think about them, having the latest gadgets and the most expensive sneakers, designer purses and often obsessed with rich boyfriends or extremely hot girlfriends who have little going on for them beyond their money/looks.

Heavy T.V. and media consumption are also symptoms of being entrapped by this phase.

The first stage is a quest towards love and happiness through an obsession with the external.

It is our monkey mind in full survival mode: Accrue resources and display them, be liked by the tribe and obsess by being close to the most resourceful.

We think that once we achieve X we will be happy.

And our life revolves around more achievements, fame, money, sexual partners, followers, etc.

Until we’ve had a fair share of these and realize we are just as unhappy as we were at the beginning, we will not be able to truly decide that there must be something deeper and more fulfilling to life!

It is here where we discover the second stage:

In this one we chase personal development, healing, “spiritual progress”, self-love and healthy habits. 🧘🏻‍♀️

People consumed by this stage are often seen stressing about their latest found childhood wound, obsessed with the latest plant medicine, workshop, book and guru they found.

They have turned their life into a never ending self-development project.

They often cannot wait to share with you the latest meditation, tool, recipe, yoga pose or event they attended. (and tell you all about why YOU SHOULD too!)

They have replaced the quest towards joy from the external to the internal.

Yet their quest just got refined – they’re still “seekers” – and by definition she/he who seeks has not found.

Nothing wrong with this, in fact it is a more functional and healthy stage in contrast to the first one.

Yet very often you’ll see people who after 15 years of devoting their life to different practices, are just a little bit better than when they started.

Craving deep transformation (not gradual change).

You will also meet here PLENTY of people who don’t walk their talk.

My personal pet peeve: people with lots of personal issues trying to teach others.. 😵

Lots of broke people speaking about abundance, confused ones about clarity, and the worst- people who have not mastered THIS part of life (i.e. finances, health and community) showing you how you can master OTHER planes.

Those who have never walked, teaching others how to run a marathon :)

Although not everyone, there are those who are serious about their path, walk their talk and are sincere in their hearts and efforts.

However, at one point these people realize that the shadow work never ends.

There will always be a deeper layer to access.

More generational (or personal) trauma to process.

That’s the beauty (and challenge) of living in an infinite universe: It will gives us endless amounts of that which we set our attention to.

Their joys are subtle and often replaced by the desire or feeling to do “more work”.

Running on a self-imposed hamster-wheel of when I transform X THEN I will be happy!

Most people never transcend this phase.

However, some people do…

And there comes the third stage: BEING valuable.

It is when we have reached the edge of our journey that we then realize that we have been walking all around seeking for money and status, or personal transformation and spiritual progress, hoping that this would bring us closer to a sense of eternal peace and fulfillment…

Only to realize that neither of these were really necessary.

They were games we invented.

Purposes we came up with to organize our life around them.

Meaning pulled out of thin air to pat ourselves in the back when we did well.

And we confused that life would work the same.

That God, The universe, The Great Consciousness would be like a high-school teacher – ongoingly keeping an eye on our grades and seeing whether we deserve a golden star and a happy face sticker.

We projected our humanity into the sacred and the divine.

And at the very same time we excluded ourselves from it.

The moment that we thought we should act in X or Y way, was the exact same moment in which we imposed conditions on ourselves.

Rules around our deep fulfillment, joy, and eternal love.

God and the universe do not discriminate.

The sun shines alike on “good” and “bad” people, lions and ants, deserts and jungles.

And so does the storm.

The third stage is where we stop seeking to become and we start being.

It is a phase where we stop being so obsessed with ourselves (either with what I have, or what I have become) and finally place our attention on our life.

The people around us, the air we breathe, the earth below us.

We are no longer seeking cars nor chants, women nor yoga poses, status nor spiritual progress.

Because we have arrived…

And realize that there was nowhere to go in the first place.

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