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Resentment, bitterness and anger are the harvest of a life where you’ve relinquished personal responsibility.

March 9, 2024


It’s so much easier to play the victim role, to judge and demonize others, to be righteous about your pain and suffering, than to consider you may have played an active role in what happened.

It’s easier to plant seeds of division and hatred than to take a hard look at yourself and the ways in which you are responsible for your experience of life.

Take this from someone who used to judge and resent his partners, parents and peers.

Years ago I was so righteous about how others had screwed be over, how others had betrayed me, how others had taken advantage of my trust..

So consumed by my anger that I failed to see the role I had played in all those situations.

I’d look down at my previous partners with apathy and feel that “I deserved so much better” (after all, I was the good one right?😂)

Same went for some friendships, family and work relationships..

Failing to recognize that I was not a victim of my circumstances but a creator of them.

Failing to see the ways in which I contributed to the build up of toxicity, deceit and pain.

Unable to recognize how often I betrayed myself for the other, compromised my truth and crossed my own boundaries..

But of course, that’s a tough pill to swallow, to see that at the source of your suffering there’s nobody but YOU to blame.

So much easier to see the other as the devil and feel like saints in comparison than to recognize our own darkness and the unconscious seeds we planted.

So what to do then?

1- Become Radically Responsible for EVERYTHING in your life. Embrace the idea that YOU created all of it (and only YOU are in charge of changing it)

2- Forgive & Ask for forgiveness to every person on whom you’ve dumped the weight of the result of your poor life choices. Do this until you no longer feel like the victim of anybody.

3- Grow the F*€k up.
In shamanic traditions we say “don’t eat your own vomit” meaning, once you’ve dealt with the bullsh!t in your life, stop revelling in it.

Learn and move on..

And once you have the maturity to raise the standards for yourself,

Life will follow!