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Pursuing What’s True

November 19, 2018


I have given up trying to pursue what’s true. I’m more concerned now with what’s useful.Obsession with the truth has us taking sides. Ongoingly judging “you’re wrong and I’m right!” – Rarely giving it a second thought. Creating separation in the process.

Fanatics are those who believe their way is the only ” true” way. And there’s plenty of these people who have lots to say about religion, politics and even relationships.

I’ve been judged and made wrong countless times on the way I choose to experience my relationships. I have also judged and made fun of those who share different, “less open” views. However, none of this is useful. Everybody’s experience, beliefs, desires and values are different. If we knew without doubt what was right and what wrong, life would be a pretty easy game.

Lots of times, we’ll find contradictions within ourselves. Feelings of confusion about things we used to believe and now question.

Think about it!

If coming to agreement within can be hard, trying to convince someone else is most times a lost cause. Yet we get to choose what’s most useful for us, right now. This approach frees us from distancing from the other and allows us to honor our different, personal experiences.

What’s most useful to a starving man and to a thirsty one is not the same.

– This perspective isn’t true either. I’ve just found it has been very useful to me when it comes to disagreements and keeping friendships no matter how different our opinions are-