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Powerful Women and Timid “men”

September 23, 2023


There’s a reason some women are labeled as “intimidating”, “high-maintenance” and “too much” by a lot of guys.

While hearing those words can trigger a sense of inadequacy, they say more about him than about her.

In essence, these men are saying only one thing:

“I do not see how I can bring any value into your life.”

Let’s face it..

Most men want to find a woman “in need” and step into the picture to become the white knight that rescues her.

So they are used to going for “broken dolls” and out-of-alignment women.

Because with them it’s very easy and clear to see the value they bring into their life:

Direction, financial provision, emotional stability and protection.

She’s the mess and him, the mess-iah..

But what can a man give to a woman that does NOT need anything from him?

A lot of guys are troubled in the face of a woman who seems to have her financial, emotional and spiritual life together.

Because they don’t see an opening for them to come in to the rescue…

Because there’s no evident brokenness for them to feel useful in her life.

So they prefer to tell her she’s intimidating instead of owning the fact that they feel disempowered and therefore THEY feel intimidated.

They prefer to tell her she’s high maintenance instead of facing their own lack of consistency, ambition and work ethic.

It is MUCH easier to pathologize her than to own the frequency of scarcity and limitedness with which they may have chosen to lead their life.

They prefer to tell her she’s too much rather than own the part within themselves where they don’t feel “enough”.

And it all boils down to ONE thing and one thing only:

What does a man give to a woman who seems to “have it all” ?

His presence.

His masculine, piercing, loving, heart-centered, penetrative presence.

Which is the essence of who he is..

Something she cannot get anywhere else on her own – and the reason she’s open and wanting to invite a romantic partner into her life.

However, these timid men who cast names instead of owning their insufficiencies are essentially disconnected from that.

Because if they were attuned to the truth of WHO and WHAT they are..

They’d know that regardless of the power, the status, the money, and the stability that a woman has created for herself…

The gift of their presence and masculine energy is the one thing she’s truly looking for.

And the one thing he is really disconnected from.

So if you are a woman reading this and you have been assigned some of these labels in the past (and you are aware enough to know you’ve done your best to open up fully)

Know that it is a great thing for these guys to filter themselves out of the picture..

For you do not want a man who:

1- Lacks the consciousness required to own the areas in which he feels threatened, vulnerable and insecure (and therefore projects that unto you so he doesn’t have to deal with it.)

2- Prefers to give up altogether instead of embracing what it would take from him to show up to the standard you’re meeting him with.

And if you are a man reading this and you have labeled women intimidating, too much or ‘high maintenance’ in the past, I invite you to inquire:

Were they genuinely like this?

Or was there something about them that made you feel like a lesser man?

Was she genuinely intimidating and entitled?

Or were you scared that you wouldn’t have what it took to show up in the way you felt SHE deserved?

And finally, are you aware of YOUR unique gift to women?

Are you connected to the depth and power that your masculine essence brings forth?

and if not, why not?