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Fertile Souls NEED Fertile Soils

March 22, 2022


Looking back into the moments that changed my life, I realize that they all had something in common:

🌱I chose to plant my seed in fertile soil🌱

Let me explain…

  • I used to chase unavailable love, or women whose values were not aligned with mine.. (and would end up resenting them or trying to change them)
  • I used to hang out with “men” (boys) who lacked personal responsibility, who were not trustworthy and did not run their finances (and love lives) with integrity.
  • I used to go to the bar to spend money and time meeting people, trying to fit myself into a shoe that was way too tight for who I was.

It takes a lot of work and time to try and force a seed to grow in dry soil, and even if you succeed, it will never grow and bloom into its full potential.

So today I’m grateful for the moments I took a leap of faith and threw myself in situations that were new, with new people and higher values.

I started hanging out with powerful men who lived a life of integrity. They inspired me, held me accountable and supported me along the journey.

They are also the reason I was able to experience explosive yet sustainable growth in the past few years.

The reason I stopped forcing myself into situations and relationships that were not for me – suddenly opening up a lot of free space and energy for the love and abundance that was naturally meant for me.

So, brother, what’s your environment like?

Do you look around and see other men that inspire you?
Or just friends by habit and not by virtue?

The truth is...

You don’t have to do this all alone.

You could…

But you don’t have to. ✊🏽🔥

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Let’s find a better soil for the seed of who you TRULY are.