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Personal (awkward) story and the importance of Intuition.

March 23, 2021


Back in the day, I did many silly things to try and get a girlfriend

About 13 years ago, I was a hormone-charged AND socially awkward teenager wanting to understand women.

So I was the perfect prey for the PUA Industry (pick up ‘artists’) scams

If you are unfamiliar with the PUA Industry, most of it was a bunch of incredible internet marketers but really terrible (dishonest) men – teaching tips and tricks on how to manipulate women.

So in one of the books that I downloaded, this guy was teaching THE PERFECT APPROACH.

He said that when you used it and walked towards a group of women (or a woman on the street or a bar) she would instantly trust you.

It was called “The Jesus approach“.

According to this guy’s theory, strangers close down when someone they don’t know comes to talk to them because they fear a potential threat.

He pointed to some (sketchy) research to prove that when other people can see your hands (and realize you are not carrying a gun or a knife) that sense of fear and threat disappears. Making them instantly defenceless to your charm.

So his wonderful “field-tested” approach technique was to walk towards a woman (or a group of women) with your arms by your side, open palms facing them…

(which is the way that Jesus is portrayed in a lot of paintings).

Needless to say, I probably made a fool out of myself walking around the malls, bars and nightclubs trying to meet women 

Walking like Jesus and wondering what might be wrong with me, cause it didn’t work. Not even once.

It turns out that the only thing that was wrong with me is that I needed to buy the Jesus Approach 2.0 book to REALLY get it.

Anyways, ridiculous nonsense right? 

So why am I sharing this story with you?

Well, most of us (especially men) are conditioned to believe anything someone with “perceived” authority says.

Especially if it is linked to research (which we’ll never verify or fact-check anyways).

Let me be straight forward:

The coaching industry is full of well-articulated men and women with a very shitty understanding of things.

I know because the first few years of my coaching career, I was totally winging it…

Not knowing what I was doing, but very confident at doing that, which is just plain dangerous.

Like driving at full speed with a blindfold on, and a few passengers that paid you to go on that ride.

Good times, eh?


I found that there is only one real way to discern what is right (for each of us) moment by moment.

And that is to develop a profound sense of connection to our inner guidance (intuition).

To be so in tune with our internal alignment that our mere vibration filters out the noise.

The challenge is that most of us are so used to consuming so much information that our INPUT channels are oversaturated, leaving us drained, with little to no OUTPUT.

Output being creativity and leadership.

Creativity in alignment with YOUR truth and bringing out the best out of those you are committed to serving.

Leadership being your intuition finding practical expression in connection with others in the world.

REALLY serving them..

Like Jesus did…

Without making them walk around like him.

So always remember to take care of your alignment, for that is the energy that will filter out the noise.

And to ensure that your output is AT LEAST equal to the input you receive.

So nobody fools you, and most importantly:

So you don’t fool yourself.