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Most people get into romantic relationships unconsciously looking for a father/mother.

March 24, 2024


Man-boys stuck playing videogames, void of purpose, direction and erection, looking for a woman to care for them.

Very often bringing out their partner’s mothering side as she tries to force him to get off the couch, do something with his life or take the lead for once in the relationship.

Entitled girls in grown-women bodies playing barbies with themselves. Pumping up this and that, injecting this and that, often running around as emotional “hot messes” waiting for daddy to show up and provide.

Very often letting their emotional chaos loose and hoping for a man to put up with all of it (with little or no accountability)


Every childish behaviour that remains unaddressed within you often becomes a weight that your partner (and relationship) has to bear.

Whether that is emotional immaturity,
Or a lack of safety and direction,
Or an absent sense of self-esteem and self-worth…

These are things for you to sort out within yourself.

That is if you want to keep your relationship as a sacred place of mutual celebration, sharing and exploration..

And not turn it into an endless cyclical, mutual therapy session.

❌ It is NOT your job to fix your partner. ❌

It is NOT your partner’s job to tend to your juvenile tendencies.

Especially not in the name of love.

It’s called INNER WORK because it can only happen from within – and only YOU can make it happen.

Of course, a partner may support you as you grow up and evolve into a better version of yourself…

But one thing is to hold space for someone’s growth..
And another one is to assume full responsibility for it.

So, take time to do your work before you rush into a relationship..

And find someone who has taken their time to do theirs.

It will save you lots of conflict.

And if you are already in a relationship, see if your partner is parenting you in some way and explore how you can start transitioning out of that dynamic.

Otherwise resentment, disrespect and loss of attraction will be inevitable consequences.

Do you want a partner?

Or a parent?

Choose consciously.