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Men: You can fake it with a girl but never with a Woman..

November 28, 2023


Girls will play games..

Afterall damsels in distress need a prince to rescue them from their self-abandonment in order for the drama of their life to have any meaning..

They are done with that sh!t.

They’ve hung their dolls up, packaged their teddy bears and let go of trying to be a good girl for daddy to approve of..

They’ve dug deep into their hearts & wounds, and therefore recognize the scent of a man whose done so too.

There’s a shift that happens in all those who have dared traverse their own foreign, dangerous lands and managed to make it back.

Yet most “men” smell of home.

Boys whose umbilical chord was never fully cut.. and as such they don’t know who they are in relationship with a woman unless they take from her.

Her beauty, her energy, attention & time.

Sucking her dry only to move on to the next distracted princess out kissing frogs hoping for a miracle.

Most guys smell of home in the sense they’ve never left what’s known and comfortable..

Most never dared stand for the life they want to create, settling for mediocrity in their body, mind, spirit and finances..

Some have taken a stand for creating their life on their terms, discovering a sense of freedom through financial abundance..

Yet most aren’t brave enough to walk through depth of their own hearts..

Let alone facing their demons, shame and repressed emotions.

Once this pandora box is opened, a man is never the same..

In fact, the boy must die for the man to be born in the process..

A Man who’s done his work carries the scent of death all over him..

His battle scars: A grounded smile, softened body and an open heart.

These can never be faked.

For there’s a certain gravitas that dawns upon a man who’s no longer ruled by his inner beast..

Nor fake-virtuous & repressed by his inner priest.

A woman can tell when a man is still a slave to his need for approval and compulsions..

Or energetically castrated & inhibited by his “goodness”..

And she will entertain neither.

Do your work, brother.