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Make your $&% bed!

January 23, 2015


If I was able to give a piece of advice to my younger self, this would be it:

Make your fucking bed!

Literally and figuratively.

When we start growing up there is a time where we become old enough to start taking small responsibilities. We are no longer babies… we are big boys now and there comes one of our first daily quests: to make our bed.

Surprisingly most of us grow old without ever caring about it, complaining to our parents, not giving it the importance it should have.

‘Why should I make my bed if I will have to sleep on it again later on, what’s the point?’ some of us might have said.

Most of the people I know have reached ‘adulthood’ and have yet to learn to make their own bed.

But it’s only a bed!

Well, not quite, I have now realized that it is much deeper than that.

It is not the bed itself but what it symbolizes.

How are we supposed to conquer the world, to engage in a relentless pursuit of excellence as leaders, as conscious humans… if we cannot take care of the first and smallest detail of our day-to-day life.

How presumptuous to think we are grown ups, worthy of the love of amazing men/women, worthy of wealth and abundance, when we haven’t yet made the transition from being little boys/girls.

We have forgotten to make our bed!

Day after day!

We no longer pay attention to the small details and habits that form our character.

I once heard that “Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn’t going to get the job done”, there are things that must be done on a daily basis.

Indeed EVERYTHING in life is a process of summing up all the small details, repeated day after day.

There is no such thing as a big change, as ‘the bigger picture’ for if we look closely most overnight successes took a really long time.

So here is my call to all of you: Make your #$% bed!

Make your spiritual bed:

Be grateful, wake up with a positive mindset, commit every morning to give as much of your true self as you can, meditate, take small breaks throughout the day to be thankful for all your blessings, be present every moment, if you’re talking to someone give them your undivided attention.

Smile :)

Share your damn happiness with the world!

Make your love bed:

First of all love yourself, have integrity, set standards, commit to not settling down for less than you deserve, be open to meeting new people, be bold and honest about your intentions, seek beauty in the world, love everyone, respect all women and men, fall in love, tell them how beautiful they are everyday, share your passion, seduce him/her minute by minute.

Love unconditionally.

Share your love and passion for the world.

Ravish your partner (or be open to be lovingly ravished)

Make your manhood bed:

Heal the boy inside, make no apologies for what you want, take full responsibility for every single action, respect others and demand respect, have impeccable integrity, mean what you say and say what you mean no matter what, live your purpose, be a leader, be protective, if you don’t know what your calling is ask yourself as often as you can, do everything with passion and focus, ALWAYS move forward, have conviction in your decisions.

Own your feelings.

Show up.

Fight your battles until you have given it all.. then, and only then, take a breath and keep on going!

Make your womanhood bed:

Nourish the little girl. Tell her she’s safe. Allow her to trust and surrender to life. Learn to trust the masculine without by honouring the masculine within. Be your own source of direction, protection and provision and from this place – learn to let go. Allow life and men to show up for you. Embrace your femininity. Dance! Sing! Paint! Honour your womb as a sacred creative portal.

Feel. Flow. Be Free!

Do not shy away from embracing your emotions and sharing them with the world!

And never forget that every being was birthed by a woman – so acknowledge and don’t belittle your strength and power. Do not let the world dictate how you should feel about your own radiance based on superficial arbitrary beauty standards.

Our experiences in life are nothing but a result of the compound sum of small details and habits that we have chosen to take. .

So this is my call to all of you:

Let’s wake up every morning and let’s decide to make our own beds! let’s yell out loud: I am responsible for how my life will look like! I will stand confident for the rest of this day and I will keep on moving forward for I know I have left nothing to luck!

It is that simple.

Make your bed or go back to your crib.

(Please Share if you know anyone who you feel could benefit from making his/her own bed)

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