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“Look how alpha and masculine I am!” ⚔️

April 9, 2024


– Said no Man ever.

For a lion does not have to roar.

Nor the sun feels the need to remind the earth of his nourishing light and warmth..

Only a little star, insecure about his light, would ever feel the need to put on a show.


I have seen as the years come and go that the “men” (boys) fixated on being alpha, being confident, being warriors, hustlers and so on..

Are actually the ones furthest away from a real sense of masculinity.

Like money, sex and air…

You only talk about them when they’re missing.

Otherwise they’re just there:
a natural part of the process of life.

And so is masculinity.

Real masculinity.

Not merely big muscles, meat eating and pretending to be tough.

Nothing wrong with those
Nothing right either.
Just a circus.

Fitting for the clowns.

So if you’re a ‘man’ reading this and you feel called out, GOOD!

Why is your sense of masculinity derived from how people perceive you?

And if you’re a woman, be attentive to the kind of ‘men’ you invite into your life.

Is their attention set in how they look, how they’re perceived, who they are, how much they make and so on?

Or is their energy placed on others, how they can be of service, what needs to be done, who needs protection, provision and support?

Noticing this will save you from dating boys who have yet to grow up..

And will lead you side by side into the kingdom of men.

Men who just are.