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Leadership is a dance – to lead, there must be a follower.

March 31, 2021


Therefore it is NOT merely a masculine quality. It is an existential one (like gravity)

To lead consciously means that there is harmony between the masculine and the feminine.

The masculine creates structure and direction while the feminine provides flow, feedback and energy.

However, it is the feminine that inspires the masculine to bring her where she wants to go. Therefore “leadership” relies on a harmonic relationship between these two poles.

Most people think that a leader is the guy doing public speaking, running a company or building a business.

But the truth is that leadership goes far deeper than that.

The dance starts within you.

If your masculine is overdeveloped, you’ll end up becoming a tyrant to yourself and those around you. Leading through force. Achieving through constant sacrifices, burnt out and hustle.

Prioritizing goals over emotions.

If on the other hand, your feminine is overdeveloped, your emotions will end up running the show. You may become a bit too passive, always going with the flow and constantly changing your mind.

Prioritizing emotions over goals.

So conscious leadership is when we are able to understand our own internal composition and address that which needs balance.

Because your unconscious will ALWAYS reach towards that point of balance, but it may do so in unawareness/disconnection.

When you are unconsciously trying to reconnect to your feminine, you will find yourself craving addictive tendencies, emotional rushes, instant gratification (which are shadow forms of nourishment).

When you are unconsciously trying to reconnect to your masculine, you will find yourself becoming rigid, strict, objectifying people (everyone, including you, becomes a mean to an end), and seeking outlets to be controlling. (OCD tendencies for example).

See, your body is very wise and it knows when something needs balance…

And it will move you towards it in whatever way possible. Which isn’t always the most conscious one. 

So if you want to understand what true leadership is, 

and how to impact the world AT LARGE.

You must understand this dance within you, so you can tango better with others when the moment comes.