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Last week after a full day of coaching calls I was moved to tears..

November 17, 2023


One of my clients, a recent mother, had taken on my invitation to prioritize herself outside of the mother/wife role – instead of pouring all of her energy into “fixing” the relationship..

She picked up her long abandoned passion of horseback riding.

Which happened to pull her partner closer and move from seemingly being always too busy with work to now wanting to be around her.

This was one of a handful of huge wins in terms of her vulnerability vs suppression, gifting her heart (and not her frustration) to her partner and many other things that started to cut through what seemed a thick wall that had been built over time.

I was moved because the shifts are so subtle and so simple that most miss them..

And the difference it makes for a child to see his mother caring for herself, and emotions navigated in a conscious way..

She showed up to the call radiant and I couldn’t help but notice that there was a distinctive opening now present in her.

Then the next call was with a man I’ve grown to relate to as a brother.

He was also vibrant with aliveness, had been taking great care of himself, very close to letting go of alcohol for good, looking fit and smiling.

He shared about his hobby (aerobatics) where we does stunts in his plane -which happen to require a certain fitness to do safely.

The most beautiful part for me was how at a competition he registered for he invited his family to come and gather.

I saw a man prioritizing himself, his heart, his passions and his loved ones.

We spoke about a couple of subtle shifts to get him ready for what we’re working towards:

A sacred family.

A family oriented, smart, passionate and spiritually inclined woman with whom to share the adventure of life.

It touched me because in a world where there’s so much addiction to instant gratification and casual pleasure, there are men spending their time and energy in wanting to get ready for their woman.

Not any woman.

THEIR woman.

Something about that feels so right and sacred..

I feel so privileged I get to support the healing of families and the beginning of new healthy ones.

And although relationships are the focus of what I do, they are merely a bridge.

A bridge towards guiding people back to their truth..

their heart..

their clarity..

Love is merely a side effect.

And the shifts that are needed are simpler than we imagine..

Yet they demand courage..

That’s why most don’t make them.

Today I feel deep appreciation for the courageous people I get to work with..

What a life!♥️😍❤️‍🔥