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Failure to understand this aspect of the feminine will keep you single, financially stuck and without energy 🥵

The aspect of Lakshmi refers to the 2nd dimension of the feminine: “Rajas”
(For context, read my previous post on Durga.)

Rajas means Aliveness, Energy, Movement.

Prosperity and Passion are her main qualities.

Lakshmi is beauty and abundance oriented.

She’s the ultimate multiplier and giver..

The universal principle of affluence.

This part is often attacked by those whom -in their failure to build the kind of life they dream about- judge, shame or belittle a woman’s desire for wealth & passion.

The shadow expression of this energy is entitlement, “gold digging”, vanity and superficiality.

Deep attachment to all that is physical paired with an unquenchable thirst for “more” (AKA: Nothing being ever enough.)

The conscious expression of Lakshmi understands that we are creators of our world, abundance is our soul’s nature and that a poverty mindset isn’t a virtue.

It is to remember that the source of creation is thriving within us and therefore there’s no such thing as ‘not enough’

A man disconnected from this dimension will resent a woman’s standards and desires for luxury, passion and prosperity.

It is easier to judge someone as greedy than to recognize all our limiting stories of scarcity and lack of financial responsibility.

Easier to point a finger and think someone cares too much about “physical stuff” than to reconcile physicality and spirituality.

Easier to date someone with low standards than to be in relationship with someone who knows magic is possible,

Riches aren’t evil..

& passion isn’t sinful.

Women, if your financial situation is messy or if you feel shame around wanting a more beautiful experience of life..

You’re disconnected from Lakshmi.

Men, the same goes for you, but also if your woman’s dreams burden you instead of motivate you, perhaps what bothers you isn’t what she says she wants..

Is that deep inside you do not feel capable of creating that.

You’ve bought into lies of limitation.

Lots of money or s€x won’t make you happy..

But everyone must realize this on their own.

Lakshmi speeds up the process 🚀