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“I’ve never EVER met someone who sings as often as you do, and as bad!”

March 28, 2024


Said a roommate I had back in university.

He owned a piano and singing academy in Montreal where him and his team had trained hundreds of people who wanted to explore their musical talents..

So he knew what he was talking about and he seemed quite serious (and in all truth, somewhat annoyed) about it.

I laughed at it and jokingly replied “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Him: “No! It’s not”

I didn’t really care🤷🏻‍♂️

However, 20+ years of daily singing in the shower and as I did the dishes really hadn’t amounted to much.. I thought.

Here’s the thing:

Mere consistency and patience DO NOT guarantee any result.

You can continuously practice something.. Yet if you’re practicing the wrong things..

You are bound to become very good at doing something the wrong way.

Something that could’ve taken you months will take years instead, if you’re lucky.

Consistency and patience are only useful if you’re focused on the right things.

Ideally with a clear, actionable, road-tested map.

Which is extremely hard when you’re doing something that is new, be it health, business or relationships.

This is why it’s important to have teachers, mentors and qualified coaches:

They’ll save you time, money and the potential frustration of having to figure it out all alone.

I was about to give up my desire to earn money from teaching, writing and coaching until I decided to pay for qualified support.

Suddenly my scattered mind was guided through the right next steps, results soon followed

I have always been disciplined towards that which my heart is into, yet I had not always taken the right steps

So for years I became very good at consistently doing things that yielded very low returns

Until I remembered that I’m not alone.

That there are people who’ve walked the path I want to take, people who have successfully guided others through the fields.

People who make learning a delightful experience.

My only regret: Not getting support earlier

For money has come but time is forever gone.

Now, back to the signing..

What I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm 🤣