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Stop Robbing the World of Your Gifts!

March 15, 2022


⚔️ Are you done playing little boy games? ⚔️

When women reach a certain age her energies start feeling drawn to birthing a child and starting a family.

When men reach a certain age, the same thing happens.

But instead of a child, the legacy they want to leave in the world is not (necessarily) one of flesh and bones.

It is a legacy of service.

A dent in the universe that says “He walked this lands, and flowers grew and bloomed at every spot where he stepped…

This is the sign of maturity for a man.

For only when his life (and inner energies) have reached a certain level of stability and awareness, he is now able to look beyond himself (and his immediate desires and needs).

This is when the archetypal king energy starts descending upon (and bursting from within) him.

It is a subtle spiritual, metaphysical and energetic anointment that He goes through.

This is where he is ready to become a force of nature in this world.

An agent of profound, conscious change. A TRUE leader.

This is also when the inner boy is sent on his rite of passage, for giving birth to his vision will demand that he let go and dies to his old self.

Which is the scariest possibility and the most necessary one.

For he knows that only by jumping into the abyss and facing his fears head-on, will he ever find a chance at experiencing the full extent and power of who he is:

A Grounded, Masculine, Conscious Leader.

A Truth Warrior. ✊🏽

So, have you had enough yet?

Or you will keep procrastinating on bringing forth the transformation that the world NEEDS from you?

It’s about time you stop robbing the world of your gifts…

So let’s change that!

PS: If you are a man and you have been feeling the calling towards this transition, and are ready to embark in this quest together with a small group of badass, powerful allies – check out the upcoming Live (and online) events section.