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Stop holding space, HOLD TIME instead.

April 25, 2021


You know how to hold space but, can you hold time?

In a world where everyone is trying to sell you shortcuts and “new” methods.

Trying to get you to quantum leap this, and quantum jump that..

(which in most cases are nothing but the “get-rich-quick” schemes of the self-development world.)

And I say most cases because in essence, it is possible.

I have seen miraculous transformations in front of my own eyes, consistently.

It is in fact a big part of the work that I do (and a solid punch that plant medicine is willing to provide to those who are open and ready to receive it).

However, it is not the norm.

And in most cases, the premise of accelerated growth comes at the expense of a person’s ability to fully integrate and embody their new Self.

Everyone is keen to hold space but when it comes to time, everyone wants to rush.

Nothing wrong with it, but in my experience, most “coaches” and “spiritual guides” out there are concerned with quick fixes for the wrong reasons.

They want their clients to have an overnight breakthrough more because it eases their own pain of seeing someone progress at a slower pace than because they know it will be of service to them.

The best thing in the world, at the wrong time, can become the biggest tragedy!

Have you forgotten that a rose takes its time to bloom?

And so does the sun to rise.

And every song you love, to be played.

Fastening the tempo could result in noise and disharmony.

It is because of this that it’s important that you learn to hold time

Which is another way of saying that it is best to have compassion, acceptance and gentle care for another person’s pace of growth.

Especially if you are a leader/coach or in a position of responsibility, your commitment is to serve the other.

And sometimes that means snapping your fingers and instantly destroying all their preconceived ideas of reality, shattering who they thought they were into a million pieces so they come in contact with the truth of who they are.

But sometimes to serve means to create a container of safety, patience and gentle guidance so they can ease into their own transformation.

For faster is not always better.

(Ask your wife about it if you doubt it 😉)

Jokes aside, I invite you to hold time with the same care with which you have learned to hold space:

  • Free of judgements.
  • Free of personal agendas.
  • Free of attachments.

So you can look at the flower in front of you and know that whether it blooms instantly, or it takes its time, you’ll be there to support its choices (and not your own).

To hold time is to be okay with the pace of growth of others and -ultimately- the world.

Understanding that your role as a guide is to extend a loving hand and help where you are needed

But never to toss and drag someone through the path… just because you want to show off that you know it well.