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There is more to each of us than meets the eye. Whole universes

When was the last time you let loose? Last time you had the guts to let your heart lead the way. To go wild. To be fully you. No lukewarm, softened, politically-correct, cautious you. None of that. Just fire and a wild heart.

Most people are completely disconnected from this energy. No passion. No edge. No backbone. No adventure. No depth.

Numbing out their dread with meaningless pursuits. Useless possessions. Heartless connections.

I invite you to consider that, the beauty and the beast were one and the same. Two sides of a coin.

A beautiful caring soul AND A wild, strong nature.

Both the love that nurtures and the fire that consumes forests

For we are human, and with that comes range: Night and day. Family and adventure. Vulnerability and Strength. Authenticity and Mystique. Comfort and Mystery. Safety and Danger

What a beautiful thing.

To be gods and mortals. Wise souls and fools. We are all of it. Infinite universes of expression.

Let’s embrace that. Our strength just the same as our weaknesses. Successes and failures alike. Calm seas and wild storms.

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