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In a world that is always telling you you must be doing something…


…(and it’s never quite enough) what needs to be addressed is the rejection of stillness, silence and the present itself.Because, if this moment cannot be enough on its own, how is the next one supposed to be?

We’re bound to live in a hamster-wheel always chasing the next high and die incomplete, not having moved an inch forward..

that’s unless we face that which we’re always anxiously running away from:

Tribes across the world had their own version of a Vision Quest, which was an ancient rite of passage where young boys were casted out into nature by themselves without water or food.

They were meant to make a circle with stones and twigs which becomes their “medicine circle” and stay there for the whole time, asking for a vision.

Or in other words, asking for clarity around who they were and what they were here to do.

And they would come back to the tribe having become Men or not come back at all.

Men of clear purpose, direction and certainty about the essence of who they were.

Two years ago I run two groups of 30-40 people and the results in both occasions were impressive.

For some, it was way deeper than any coaching, self-development or medicine journey they had embarked on..

For some other, it was a meaningful first step towards developing a better relationship with themselves.

For how are you supposed to love someone you don’t trust?

And how can you trust someone you don’t know?..

And how to know someone you’ve rarely spent any time with?..

This is the issue for most people behind self-love (and behind clarity of direction)

They are distant from their truth and they keep postponing making time to sit with themselves and see what they find.

But the moment that you create a guided, safe space to go into silence and stillness, a door opens and magic ensues.