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How to stop “being stuck”

April 1, 2021


  • A mission you care for (a purpose) 📍
  • A reliable map towards that treasure (a path) 🗺
  • A reason that makes it all worth it (pressure or a promise) 🔥

Let me explain in a bit more depth…

 ⚜️ Purpose:

Imagine you are driving your car and suddenly your eyes were blindfolded and there was no clarity of where you are going.

What’s the first thing you do?

Stop. Right?

Because moving without a purpose, without knowing the direction in which you are going, is inherently dangerous.

A lot of men feel stagnant because they are actually unclear about their purpose, unclear about their projects and often unclear about their very own potential.

⚜️ Path:

Imagine you know where you are and where you’re going, but you look in front of you and all you see is a maze.

There are 5 different roads ahead of you. And while you could enjoy the trip and its detours, you are a man who values his time.

So you have very little tolerance to waste any of it.

Meaning that you want to ensure that the road you take is the one that guarantees you’ll arrive to your destination, and that you’ll do so efficiently.

If you know where you’re going and your purpose, yet you still feel stagnant it’s because your path is unclear.

There may be many possible paths in front of you and it makes you doubt.

Some of the paths seem more reliable than others but you don’t know for sure.

Some may be empty promises.

But the fact is that you must choose and start your journey.

A lot of men reach stagnation because they lack a path they FULLY trust and can commit to. So they stay in “indecision” land for way too long.

⚜️ Pressure / A Promise:

If you know where you are going and you have placed the correct GPS coordinates that hand you a clear path towards that purpose… yet you still feel stagnant.

It’s because you lack pressure (or a promise).

In other words, you either don’t have (or are not clear enough) about YOUR WHY.

And beyond that, about YOUR COMMITMENT.

You only commit to what is important for you (a promise) Or away from what hurts (pressures).

If there is nothing both pulling you or pushing you forward, it takes a man of immense willpower to move by his own choice.

And let’s be honest, 

Most of us are not built like that. 🤔

We like fire on our ass and an oasis right in front. 🔥

And this is okay, because there are many ways that promises and pressures can be organically created to add extra steam to the engine.

Most men who have a clear purpose and path, and have not done anything with it.

Lack the necessary involvement, investment, accountability, promises and pressures to force them to get going.

So if something in your life feels stagnant (your relationship with women, your relationship with work, your relationship with your Self)

Inquire which of these 3 are you avoiding.

Ask yourself:

Would I benefit of a clearer Purpose?” 

or “A cleaner path?

or “A deeper promise and extra pressure?

And start there.