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I used to think that I was too much.. 😰


That playing small was an act of compassion towards those whose ideas of me would be confronted if I dared to be true..

If I dared to be Great.

I used to pretend to not have money, to keep a low profile and act as if I just had “enough” so that people around me -who had mistaken poverty and lack for virtue- would not feel out of place..

and at times, I also bought into their illusion of guilt and shame over my ability to create wealth..

What a crazy idea!.. to believe that life is a zero sum game.

For you to take space nobody else has to be pushed into a corner. The world is far too big and abundant for all of us to fit.

I used to dim my light so that the darkness in others would not feel confronted by the contrast itself..

I used to think that humility meant to downplay who I was and pretend to be just like any other guy..

Not knowing that to ignore the gifts and blessings that Life had given me was itself the greatest act of arrogance.

So today, I’d rather bow in humility towards the source of creation and be seen as arrogant among men than to live a life of constipated love, abundance and service.

Too much?

“Too much” is merely a judgement casted by those who don’t feel they are enough..

Those who would much rather convince you that you need to suffocate your own life than remove their hands off their own neck.

And whether it is Love, Wealth or Health..

The world has never EVER benefited from anyone keeping their riches to themselves.

So I want to publicly say that I am sorry..
For there’s SO MUCH life has given me..
and so little I have truly shared.

Until now.

I now see that playing & being small is but an insult to the grandiosity of the creation & creator that flows through us.

I will no longer hold back what I’m here to share..

Nor the passion, prosperity and peace I experience when I share it fully.

This is my promise.

This is my service.

The time is now.

Stay tuned 🙏🏽🌱☀️