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I recently had a dream..


..where a guy got inside my car with a gun and told me to start driving, letting me know he was about to kill me.

There was no fear, just a feeling of surprise as I felt that it was quite early to dispose of my body (and also quite different from the details and timing I had previously explored around my death).

I was amused and intrigued.

Wow! How to kill someone that cannot die? – I asked him.

He seemed confused by the lack of fear and anxiety in my voice and body and became more forceful and aggressive in his threats.

“My body can go and that’s okay, but I’ll come back, so what’s your point?” I insisted with a smirk..

He started going nuts, as if part of what fuelled his desire to kill was the increasing fear of those he would murder – and in the presence of someone who was quite ready to go, there was no longer any point to his endeavours.

I have faced a couple of similar situations in my waking life and in those split seconds of thought, I felt that if I had to die I was ready to do so – for I have lived and loved fully and given it my all.

My reaction a few years ago would’ve been one of anxiety, regret, worried about words I held back, hugs I didn’t give, songs I didn’t sing and so on…

And I feel here’s where most of the world is at (in relationship to our c*v!d friend)

They are desperately trying to run away from death

Isolating themselves from the world, separating, distancing and massively restricting life’s experience in order to “improve the chances of staying alive”

But alive for what?

If I told you that you (and your loved ones) could be placed in a beautiful room where you’d live until you were 100, no risk of contracting anything, but you’d have to be isolated..

you’d have to relinquish your freedom to do what feels right with your body, your freedom to connect and move about freely, your freedom to travel…

Would you accept?

I doubt

The alternative?

To accept that death will come – and to understand that how strong and bright the fire burns is more important than for how long it does so..

For to live a FULL life, free of fear, is the only guarantee you will have to arrive at your deathbed in peace.