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I have never understood this…


Why do people feel sympathy when the labels you use to define yourself are limiting? (anxious, insecure, depressed, traumatized, bipolar, shy, etc..)

..and on the other hand they totally lose it if you dare to declare (acknowledge) you are an extension of God? (and openly commit to living from that place.)

Why do people shout “get a room” in disgust when they see a couple kissing in public yet are quickly to pull out their phone whenever a fight breaks out?

What gets openly celebrated and shunned really mirrors to us where we’re at – collectively.

Wild isn’t it?

Something being common does not make it normal. (Natural)

I REFUSE to live with so little love in my heart to ever relate to another human being as incapable, limited, broken or forsaken..

(let alone enslaved and defined by a label)

I refuse to join anyone’s pity party or victim-virtue’ing..

I’ve been called -many times before- an uncompassionate, victim-shaming, a*hole

All for refusing to join the collective delusion that would rather have us balm with fake coddling and pats on the shoulder those who -instead- need to be looked eye-to-eye and be reminded of their power.

Nothing is more shaming to a human being than being related to as a victim.

Nobody is ever powerless unless they believe so.

Nobody is a victim unless they’ve accepted so.

Do messed up and unfair things happen?

Yes, unfortunately.

But why anyone would ever think it’s a good idea to perpetuate the pain they suffered by allowing it to define them is beyond me…

About 7 years ago the greatest acts of love I’ve ever received from friends and family were those where their compassion was so great that they refused to relate to me as the hopeless drug&sex-addict, workaholic, self-destructive and immature guy that I was.

They saw me (and related to me) as whom I truly was – behind all the veils, identities and masks I had accumulated through the years.

They saw a Man in me, and treated me like one.

They didn’t judge, dismiss or invalidate how I felt..

But they also didn’t spend an unnecessary second dancing in my misery.

Their fierce gaze and call towards personal responsibility was the medicine I so deeply rejected but truly needed.

I realized that to declare ourselves as instruments of the creator is not an act of arrogance but one of commitment.

A declaration of FREEDOM.

Freedom from all labels (imposed by self, society and family.)

It means we no longer find virtue in playing small or reveling in our smallness.

It means we set the highest standards for our being, our life and our love.

It means our guiding north is that which we relate to as the Highest.

Call it God, Nature, Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Divine Intelligence.. or Source..

It means we refuse to ever see ourselves -or another- as anything less than that.

Love exists..

But in case you haven’t noticed

Love is anything but meek.

Love is dawn’s clarion call..

NOT a lullaby.