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How do YOU choose to live?

September 15, 2018


Most self proclaimed “awakened” people I have met are full of shit.

Spirituality has everything to do about how we choose to live, and not what we do. Why bother trying to open your chakras if you can’t open the door for that old lady behind you?

What’s the point of a hundred mountain-sized “manifestation” crystals if you don’t actually do the work? Or those abundance mantras you recite, yet you’re quick to avoid eye contact with that homeless person who could use a little help?

I don’t care how many uncomfortable poses you can bend yourself into. I care to see you NOT bend when you witness an injustice. I care to see you speak up for those who can’t. Spirituality does not reside in the amount of lulu pants you own, yoga classes you attend, organic food you cook, mantras you recite, crystals you own, or plant medicine you use. Spirituality is kindness. Generosity. Commitment. Integrity.

It is doing the right thing.

It is taking care of the portion of the world that belongs to us.

It is being appreciative of every day above ground.

It is forgiveness.

It is acceptance.

It is fire tamed.

It is love.

The moment we see the concrete we step on with the same reverence we see crystals… The day we value those less fortunate in the same way we’d value our mentors, or realize that an open loving heart requires no labels, will be the moment we’d be in tune with our earth’s age old song. A beautiful ancient verse speaking of our lands. Both green and concrete ones. Hinting at that which is magical, residing not without but within. Each breath, each step.

And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear the fire from the earth burning strong, deep and far. Whether you’re folding laundry, or praying to the gods. Sitting in a cubicle or staring at art. Spirituality is THAT which you carry in your heart.